Playground Dice Set

A collectible dice set for typography enthusiast. This dice set includes 5 playground dice and an acrylic display case. Disclaimer: playing with this dice set is highly addictive. Set effect may include making better design designs. Handle with care.

The Playground Typeface is Finally Here!

Play at Work or Work at Play?

Pangram Playground debut collection offers a commentary on the interplay between the realms of work and play, underscoring the importance of both facets in our daily lives. It reminds us that the synergy of work and play is a vital reciprocity; for work finds vitality in play, and in turn, play thrives through work.


From its typographic origins, defined by meticulous attention to detail and practical rigour, Pangram Playground emerges. Effortlessly combining the worlds of work and play into a space entirely new. We’re proudly defined by the notion, ‘play is the highest form of research,’ an enduring maxim leading Pangram Playground into as-yet-untraversed, uncharted ground. Shaping wonderfully unexpected, normal-redefining landscapes.

Collection 001 - Lookbook

This collection invites us to leave the "hustle culture" behind and embrace a more purposeful path. One where mistakes are celebrated and experimentation flourishes, just like on a playground.