From its typographic origins, defined by meticulous attention to detail and practical rigour, Pangram Playground emerges. Effortlessly combining the worlds of work and play into a space entirely new.

We’re proudly defined by the notion, ‘play is the highest form of research,’ an enduring maxim leading Pangram Playground into as-yet-untraversed, uncharted ground. Shaping wonderfully unexpected, normal-redefining landscapes.

Crafted by designers, for designers, what we do and what we make go far beyond the purely aesthetic, dedicated to producing something purposeful and powerful. Challenging the graphic, industrial, and fashion landscapes.

Simplicity is where we plant our flag, channelling the age-old adage that ‘design is thinking made visible,’ a principle we profoundly stand by, an adage we meticulously weave into each and every curated piece. Seamlessly combining audacity and clarity, celebrating the purity of purpose. Forging experiences, not just objects.

Play is the highest form of research.

We throw out the notion of mistakes, tripping up, and travelling down the wrong path. We propose a different perspective. A playground, on which to play, fall over and freely experiment.

It is in these moments of creative exploration that we find purpose, interest, and intrigue. Discovering the seeds of what-ifs and what-coulds. Born from a playful, curious dance.