Playground Editorial
Zouhair Haital aka Zazz
Shot by Aime Elle

The World of Zazz

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Zouhair Haital aka Zazz, a talented DJ/Producer whose Moroccan origins blend harmoniously with the musical kaleidoscope of Montreal. A resident of this vibrant metropolis, Zazz is a turntable artist, creating sonic experiences that masterfully fuse captivating ambiances and modern electronics.

Born in Morocco, Zazz has drawn from his cultural roots to shape a unique style that appeals to music lovers through the diversity of sounds. Montreal allowed him to explore musical horizons, fusing ancestral rhythms with contemporary beats to create captivating sonic blends.

As a vinyl DJ, Zazz infuses a touch of artistic nostalgia into his performances, wielding vinyl with an expertise that reflects his dedication to the art of traditional mixing. However, he doesn't limit himself to the past, as he skillfully integrates electronic elements to create smooth transitions and modern soundscapes.

A musical story is revealed, a symphony of sounds emerges, and the audience is transported on a sensory journey that transcends genre boundaries. Zazz's sound creations are an invitation to escape, to reflect and to dance.

What's your
Creative Process?

My creative process often begins with extensive research and a quest for inspiration. I collect ideas, influences and knowledge that will nourish my creation. Then I move on to the design phase, combining and transforming these elements to bring a unique vision to life.

Execution comes next, where I engage in my chosen medium to bring my creation to fruition, whether through painting, sculpture or music. Adjustments and iterations may occur during this process, allowing the work to develop organically.

"I embrace intuitive techniques, allowing moment-to-moment expression"

How do you Play?

As an artist, I create and perform simultaneously exploring improvisation and spontaneous expression. Whether in music, dance, or visual arts, I love experimenting with spontaneous ideas during my live performances. For example, I can create unique melodies in each performance, providing an authentic and unexpected experience for the audience.

In my visual works, I often embrace intuitive techniques, allowing moment-to-moment expression to blend with planning, creating unique artistic results with each creative session. This ability to merge creation and play requires mastery of my discipline and an openness to embrace the present moment to allow new artistic ideas to emerge.

Embrace the Present Moment.